how Havana forces the United States to relax

It is a breath of fresh air for a people subjected to an unprecedented economic crisis and for the revival of a small Cuban entrepreneurship moribund since the election of Donald Trump. The Biden Administration also wants to facilitate legal immigration procedures through the family reunification program and will increase air links between the United States and Cuba, but only business trips will be authorized. Tourism remains prohibited.

A forced opening

The Democratic president had promised during his 2020 election campaign to reconnect with Barack Obama’s policy of relaxation. He had turned around shortly after taking office so as not to offend the Republican electorate in Florida, a key state. Joe Biden’s decision to ease his relations with Havana came as a surprise, a few months before the midterm elections. As if he took for granted that the Sunshine State was definitively lost for the Democrats.

More surprisingly, Joe Biden is making eyes at a Castro regime that he strongly criticized in 2021 for his repression of protesters on July 11. Not only has Havana made thousands of arrests, but the hundreds of convictions of these protesters in recent weeks to heavy prison terms have shocked. “Sometimes they are young people of 16 or 17,” indignant a thirty-year-old from Havana, showing one of these teenagers convicted on the Feibu (Facebook) of her laptop.

Stop the bleeding

The White House announcement comes as Havana enacted a new criminal code in mid-May, more repressive for political crimes. If the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Relations hailed “a small step in the right direction”, Republican Senator Bob Menendez sees it as a “bad message to the wrong people at the wrong time”. Biden’s policy towards Cuba may seem incomprehensible, but the reality is more prosaic. The United States is facing a major exodus of Cubans, desperate for their economic situation.

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