Homeless and drunk, she strangles a puppy in the streets of La Charité-sur-Loire

The soldiers challenge this 36-year-old homeless person and entrust the three-month-old dog to a shelter. Once sobered up, she says she bought the animal from a friend for the sum of €300.

She spent the day in the Parc des Remparts, but her alcoholism prevented her from taking proper care of the puppy, who broke a leg falling from a height of two meters.

She then “dragged” him through the streets, holding him by the collar, causing him to be strangled, which corresponds to the descriptions of the witness. Summoned to the correctional hearing on Wednesday, May 25, in Nevers, the SDF is not present. But she benefited from legal aid, to be represented by master Muriel Potier.

“Facts, alas, terribly classic”

“I was only able to have a telephone interview with her,” says the lawyer. “It hasn’t been very successful. She is hospitalized in a mental institution. She doesn’t really remember the facts. We are there in a situation of great social misery. »

Axel Schneider, deputy prosecutor, recalls that violence against animals is “unfortunately, terribly classic in the department” and “has been taken into account by the legislator, who punishes them with two years in prison and the possibility of prohibiting the detention”.

She will never again have the right to own an animal.

For this “act of cruelty, for which alcoholism cannot constitute an excuse”, he requires four months of suspended prison sentence. The court reduces the sentence by one month and pronounces the additional measure requested: the prohibition to keep any domestic or tamed animal.

For a person living on the street, the second part of this condemnation is far from trivial. The defendant will never again be able to benefit from the comfort of the presence at her side of a four-legged companion.

Bertrand Yvernault


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