Here’s why combining lemon and smoked salmon is a false good idea

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An association that we thought was essential.

The day after Christmas you may still have some smoked salmon left in your fridge. What could be better than a grilled sandwich with a slice of salmon for lunch or for brunch this end of the year? Accompanied by a little dill, cottage cheese and lemon you say? Well no, because according to some experts, adding a squeeze of lemon juice to smoked salmon would actually be a culinary faux pas. Although citrus juice is often used to reduce the greasy aspect of fish in the mouth, it would actually distort the taste of the product.

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According to the words of Didier Trentacosta, founder of the “Around salmon” stores, reported by Current women, “Lemon should be banned because it will cook the salmon and it will break its taste. The salmon has already been cooked by smoking, there is no point in cooking it again”. This advice therefore also applies to all other dishes with an iodized taste such as caviar or oysters. According to experts, these products must be enjoyed in a natural way without spices in order to taste them as they should.

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Nevertheless, to each their own preferences, we won’t blame you if you prefer to choose the lemon-salmon association. Just remember to season your fish with the citrus juice at the last minute and don’t leave a slice of lemon on it throughout the meal, even though it’s aesthetically nicer.

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