Here is the magic food to lose weight while enjoying yourself

There are thousands of diets, each more unusual than the next. Even if all bodies are beautiful and we must not comply with the societal injunction which seems to dictate the ” perfect body “. On the other hand, some still want to refine their size and lose a few extra pounds in order to feel better about themselves. If you are in this situation, know that there is a food that you have probably never thought of that will help you lose weight easily while having fun.

The magic food to lose weight

This diet called the banana diet was invented by Japanese pharmacist Sumiko Watanabe. Originally designed to help her husband lose weight. She very quickly realized that the banana was an essential fruit for diets. In addition to being particularly tasty, the banana is a great ally to help you lose weight and refine your figure. Contrary to popular belief, this diet does not consist of eating exclusively bananas. But rather to incorporate it into breakfast as part of a varied and balanced diet. In the morning, rather than throwing yourself on a bowl of too-sweetened cereal or slices of butter. Opt for a banana instead. Once eaten, wait twenty minutes to allow satiety to set in.

The benefits of bananas

To lose weight using this method, other rules must be followed. It is necessary to plan a balanced lunch and dinner, avoid alcohol, sugars and products that are too fatty. You should also opt for a healthy snack (like a banana) if you feel peckish. These satiating properties allow you to last all day without being tempted to eat a snack that is too fatty or too sweet. Unlike other diets, this technique is to be followed for 15 days. If it suits your metabolism, you can renew it as a cure from time to time. Besides being an easy to eat fruit. Bananas have very satiating properties. In addition to being packed with vitamins and minerals. It is also a major ally for your intestinal transit since it clearly facilitates digestion.


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