Here are the 4 highest calorie pasta dishes

Nothing like a good pasta dish. However, from one recipe to another, the number of calories varies enormously. As part of weight loss, here are the 4 preparations to eat in moderation.

Pasta with pesto

Even if the main ingredient is basil, pesto pasta is very caloric because it is rich in lipids. This sauce provides no less than 500 calories per 100 grams, knowing that 100 grams of cooked pasta totals around 120 calories.

salmon pasta

Salmon contains health-promoting omega-3s. However, fresh cream is rich in fats and carbohydrates. That’s why the calorie count is so high. This sauce represents nearly 195 calories per 100 grams.

carbonara pasta

Prepared with bacon bits and cream, carbonara pasta contains several additives and a lot of salt. Some also like to add cheese and an egg. This combo is around 150 calories per 100 grams.

Thus, it is better to opt for the competing sauce, Bolognese, which provides about 100 calories per 100 grams.

Four cheese pasta

Unsurprisingly, pasta with four cheeses is also one of the most calorie-dense recipes. Rich in fat and salty, this dish is better for the taste buds than for the silhouette. Count about 120 calories per 100 grams for the sauce.

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