Here are the 12 foods not to eat in the evening in order to lose weight

It doesn’t look like it, but the 12 foods on this list are worth a look. In any case, in the evening, they are not suitable!

These 12 foods are to be banned!

Every year, the press praises a fashionable diet. At the moment, it is the young intermittent who wins all the votes. However, the team ofObjeko would like to warn you. It is not difficult to adapt to everyday life. In fact, you should eat only one big meal a day. So, for all those who were happy to find the terraces will have to draw a line under its beautiful convivial evenings again. However, we beg you not to lose your motivation to eliminate these few complexes. In addition, we have the ideal solution so that you do not feel aggrieved. Certainly, he asks to sort out his recipes and his food. Once the benchmarks are taken, we guarantee that it will work like clockwork.


Even if the large family of starchy foods remains popular with athletes, your transit suffers. This is why we advise you to eat it at lunchtime rather than in the evening. In summer, they pass well in the form of a salad. On the other hand, in winter, gratins are in the spotlight. You understood, everything is a question of food dosage.

white bread

Like overly sweet sandwich bread, white has too many calories. That’s why, if you got used to sauce your plate, it’s not necessarily the best way to lose weight. Rest assured. In the food section, there is an alternative that is much less dangerous to health.

The cold cuts

As soon as the temperature drops, we rush to this department. Indeed, raclette is the favorite recipe for salty and chilly beaks. However, if you are invited in the evening, you will have difficulty digesting this family of foods. Worse still, mixing it with cheese is not the best idea in the world!

oily fish

Unlike sea bream, salmon is considered a sea dweller that tips the scales. Smoked, steamed or raw, it comes in many different forms. This is why, instead of chaining dinners with this food, bet instead on a white fish. After asking an expert to remove the bones, you are bound to enjoy yourself without gaining a gram.


When cutting a slice, the butcher often forgets to tell you that it is not suitable for the evening. If you have a good fork, you know what you have to do. By drawing on your food reserve, you will find some vegetables to accompany it.

fast food

Since their appearance in France, these foods have been popular with young and old children. It’s simple, once tested this delicious hamburger, we would like to reproduce it every night. Alas, it’s all about a good idea. On the one hand, we do not control the manufacturing steps. On the other hand, despite your sporting efforts to eliminate these calories, you can’t do it. And we don’t even prefer to tell you the state of your cholesterol!

fried foods

Despite the use of this type of device, these foods cause many intestinal discomforts. Once in the stomach, it is not always easy to evacuate them. If you have the misfortune to combine them with the previous ingredients, it’s a disaster.

Sweet specialties

Even if they remain ideal to close a meal, these pastries are not your allies. Indeed, full of sugar, these foods pulverize carbohydrate records. And nothing worse for digestion!

Drinks for adults

Even if you dream of toasting with your friends, this beverage is not a good idea. Objeko doesn’t ask you to ban these liquid foods from your after-work parties. It’s like the rest of the ingredients in this article. You must exercise moderation. Promise?

Watch out for aperitif dinners

In the early hours of holidays or weekends, we enjoy meeting up with friends. On the shelves of the supermarket, these foods are available indefinitely. Looking at the nutritional sheet, we get dizzy. In terms of calories, tell yourself that a handful of crisps is worth as much as several squares of chocolate!


Remember. A few minutes ago, we were talking about raclette. However, the fondue without cheese, recognize that it does not have much interest. This is why, instead of chaining specialties of this kind, try to bet on foods that have more nutrients.


Like bakery cakes, ice creams catch our eye on the shelves. Even in the middle of a heat wave, faced with these frozen foods, we must remain wise as images. Courage !

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