health authorities urge vigilance against monkey pox

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In the United States, authorities are calling for vigilance over monkeypox as at least one case has been detected in the country.

With our correspondent in New York, Loubna Anaki

The Center for Disease Prevention says the risk to public health remains minimal at this time, but US authorities say they are concerned about how the monkeypox virus is currently spreading.

We have never seen such a spread before “said one of the CDC officials adding that it was necessary to be prepared for what could happen.

The center has therefore called on hospitals and health professionals to be vigilant and to report any suspected cases in order to allow better monitoring of any cases that may occur in the country.

No specific treatment

For the moment, the United States officially has a first case of monkey pox, detected in a patient in Massachusetts. A man returning from a trip to Canada where the authorities have at least fifteen cases. In New York, analyzes are underway for two suspected cases.

You should know that last year, the United States had already recorded two cases of monkeypox, but this new wave comes as contaminations multiply in Europe, with more than 70 cases on the Old Continent. And a case recently identified in Israel in a man arriving from Europe.

While there is no specific treatment for monkeypox, the CDC says it has sufficient supplies of smallpox vaccines and antivirals that could also be used in the event of a massive spread of monkeypox. An unlikely scenario according to American experts.

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