he spends more than 14,000 euros to transform into a dog

A Japanese man who dreamed of being an animal bought a dog costume for over 14,000 euros.

Toko-san, a Japanese whose true identity has not been revealed, has become a dog, reports the Belgian news site 7sur7.

The man wanted to embody an animal and decided to order a hyper-realistic dog costume, a collie, from Zeppet, a costume specialist that works in particular for cinema and television.

“I like four-legged animals, especially those that are cute. Among them, I thought that an animal whose size was close to mine was the best solution for the final rendering to be realistic. I So decided to become a dog,” he told local media Mynavi.

This costume worth more than 14,000 euros required forty days of work. To make it realistic, the team notably had to study hundreds of photos of dogs to reproduce the coat.

Toko-san has posted several videos on youtube. He can be seen playing ping-pong or with a stuffed animal, while being in his new dog skin.

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