he rapes his dog and drags him behind his electric scooter

A man was arrested at his home after hitting and dragging his dog behind his electric scooter in the middle of the street. A passer-by shocked by the scene had given the alert.

A 37-year-old man was arrested Tuesday evening in Paris and placed in police custody for cruelty to a domestic animal, reports Actu17. The 30-year-old is suspected of hitting and dragging his dog, an American Staffordshire, behind his electric scooter.

It was a passer-by, in a state of shock, who gave the alert. At around 6:50 p.m., a woman contacted the police and described seeing a man beating his dog in the street.

Arrested at his home

Arrived on the spot, the police find numerous traces of blood on the ground and begin to follow them while the individual would have fled on his electric scooter.

The tasks eventually lead investigators to the suspect’s home. The man was arrested and taken into custody. He risks a fine and a ban on keeping pets.

His two dogs were taken care of by the canine brigade.

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