He catches a monstrous crocodile pike weighing 135 kilos

This 30-year-old American has set a record with this fishing catch: a prehistoric fish weighing more than 100 kilos.

Sunday fishermen, hang on! This enthusiast of the discipline will long remember his record catch, a prehistoric fish weighing just over 135 kilos!

A record for the state of Texas

Payton Moore is an American fishing fanatic. Having worked for more than ten years in a zoo, however, he has one rule: he always releases what he catches. He is a supporter of “no limit”: his challenge is to always try to catch fish more giant than each other.

This time, he broke all records: just like this octopus or this impressive porbeagle, Payton caught a gigantic critter. This is a monstrous pike-crocodile which measures 2.43 meters and weighs more than 135 kilos! Payton did not approve this fishing record since he released the “alligator garpique” with a more than impressive size, but a priori, it would be the biggest fish ever caught in the state of Texas.

Payton Moore took some photos, and recounted his exploit on video.

He caught a real prehistoric animal

Crocodile pike are very impressive creatures because they are real prehistoric animals. These fish have inhabited fresh waters for millions of years. They can measure up to 3 meters in length and physically resemble crocodiles because of their jaws: they are ruthless predators.

Payton Moore still had to fight a big battle to capture the animal : he used the technique of exhaustion. He struggled to spin the animal in circles in the water for hours before pulling it out.

Felt like someone’s car just started and I was hanging on the end of the line “, he said.

And even, the one Payton pulled out of the water only weighed 300 pounds : the largest crocodile pike ever caught in the world, weighed 148 kilos!

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