Good deal: €9.95, the cheapest fish and chips menu in Boulogne

The purchasing power. Throughout the year, he finds himself at the heart of conversations. But rather than talk about it, the Boulogne editorial staff decided to act. How ? By regularly publishing good tips to spend less on a daily basis. This week, we unearthed the cheapest fish and chips in Boulogne.

The sign is called Hopwood and, as its name suggests, it is trendy English cuisine. Because yes, despite all the prejudices of the French against the alleged bad taste of our neighbors opposite, it is still them who invented this essential dish that is fish and chips. The restaurant on rue Monsigny offers a menu based on fried fish for all tastes and budgets. The tightest budgets will opt for the fish and chips menu at €9.95. It includes the fish fritter, the fries, the sauce and a drink to choose from several proposals. At this price, the fish even comes from the Boulogne auction and is stamped Mister Good Fish, a label that promotes responsible fishing. Ah, we almost forgot… the mint peas are included!

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