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The ice cream is a product star of the summer. The France Télévisons teams are offering, on Saturday May 28, a culinary journey between France, Italy and the United States to discover traditional recipes.

First stop in France for a blackcurrant sorbet. If the Terre Adélice ice cream parlor has a shop in Lyon (Rhone)his heart is in Ardèche. In its manufacturing recipes, only fresh fruit, which is incorporated raw to preserve aromas and colors. “We have gone up to 60, even 70%, of raw materials in our ice cream”, welcomes Sonia Rousselle. Customers love it. On the menu, the ice cream parlor offers no less than 96 flavors, some of which are very daring, such as the goat or chilliEspelette.

In Italy, ice cream is part the art of summer living. In Rome, the temple of ice, Giolittihas been open for 132 years. Again, the recipe is not very sweet, and close to the original product. The creations are free, but it is forbidden in the country to inflate ice cream with air, as is done elsewhere. In the United States, the essential is the sunday which is said to have been invented on a Sunday in 1893. The traditional recipe is a mixture of butter, brown sugar and cream. It is then cooled to become an ice cream. Finally, you have to add a chocolate sauce, whipped cream and a final touch.

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