For Healthy Brain Function, Eat These Foods

Brain degeneration is often age-related, according to General Medicine. No one is spared. But still, there are certain foods including fruits that can help you boost your memory, your cognitive capacity by keeping your neurons in top shape.

In its Friday Gourmand column, Loop Haiti offers you here some of these foods that can serve as your allies against the deterioration of your brain.

First there are the nut which, thanks to their high content of minerals, fatty acids and antioxidants, have a positive effect on the brain, according to nutrition specialists.

Same story for leafy green vegetables like the spinachthe cabbagethe broccoli, with their richness in vitamin B6 and B9. You should add them regularly in your eating habits. Because not only do they boost your brain, but they also have the ability to rejuvenate it and keep it healthy.

Another food that is an excellent savior for this organ is fish. You often hear that fish is good for the memory, it’s a truth. Especially salmon and sardines, which contain a large amount of omega-3, perfect for protecting your nerve fibers and improving the functioning of your brain.

We also talk about red fruits such as blueberriesthe raspberriesthe cranberriesthe strawberries… These fruits with their high rate ofantioxidantsprevent the formation of molecules that destroy neurons and optimize your cognitive function.

So many other foods like pastathe cereals whole grain, yeastI’olive oil and the red meats are likely to protect this organ from degeneration. It will only do you good if from now on you include them on a regular basis in your menus.



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