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Financial markets are weightless, on the highest for 15 days. The situation in Ukraine now seems in stock market prices, unless there is an extremely clear deterioration in the conflict, the financial markets do not seem to want to go back down to their lows. These are, on many indices, at more than 10%.

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The decline we had yesterday was caused by the increase in the price of oil which rose above one hundred dollars a barrel for WTI. This of course reignited fears about inflation which seem to come to the fore.

Caution is required because we have the meeting of the G7 and NATO which will perhaps increase the sanctions on the Russian government. All the questions relate to a possible embargo of Russian oil (and not of gas as I explain in Good Morning Trading).

I apologize, I haven’t been doing Good Morning Trading for the past few days because I’m hit with the flu. This one has been bedridden for 72 hours with a high fever but today is better than yesterday and will be worse than tomorrow so I hope to be on my feet definitively on Friday or Saturday.

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