Emmanuel, the emu star of TikTok, miraculously after an epidemic of bird flu

TikTok @knucklebumpfarms TikTok’s mascot, Emmanuel the emu, is back on his feet after contracting bird flu.

TikTok @knucklebumpfarms

TikTok’s mascot, Emmanuel the emu, is back on his feet after contracting bird flu.

ANIMALS – ” Emmanuel, don’t do this! It’s undoubtedly one of the most viral moments of 2022. Last summer, breeder Taylor Blake’s small farm in the heart of Florida found himself at the center of attention… thanks to his emu, Emmanuel, who won the hearts of internet users.

Sick for several weeks during an epidemic of bird flu, the famous emu finally made his big comeback on TikTok on December 19. His mistress posted a video showing him on his two legs. ” We’ve worked so hard for this moment, it’s hard to put into words how I feel when I see him walk alone ” commented the young woman with tears.

The farm hit by an epidemic of bird flu

In her videos, which accumulated several million views, the young breeder filmed her last year’s daily life with her animals and to pass on her knowledge. That was without counting Emmanuel, an emu who can’t stop interrupting his videos and tapping his smartphone despite the remonstrances of his mistress.

These funny videos have become cult. But by mid-October, the sketches of the breeder and her sidekick became less frequent. Contaminated by passing wild birds, the farm was hit by an epidemic of bird flu. In a tweet, Taylor Blake explains that he lost almost 99% of the birds in his breeding, which only had two survivors, including Emmanuel, who was very weak.

She took care of her emu and showered him with hugs and kisses day and night and helps him eat. A closeness that was lamented at the time by certain experts, such as the American virologist Angela Rasmussen, who on Twitter recalls the danger of the virus. : ” If your emu or bird has bird flu, do not kiss it. Don’t hug him. Don’t touch it. »

Finally testing negative for bird flu according to the breeder, the emu struggled for almost two months to get back on its feet. A period in which breeder Taylor Blake remained discreet on social networks; a period when several internet users were also accused of being the author of old racist tweets.

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