Elon Musk’s new Twitter Blue formula is finally available!

That is it ! It’s official, the new formula for Twitter Blue is finally available. Experience its content with us. And beware, iOS users will not be happy.

Elon Musk has turned an entire application upside down in a few months. Now Twitter Blue gets more expensive, includes more features (still free for now) and gives access to privileges. Starting today, Twitter Blue will be priced at $7.99. And here comes the bad news for all iOS users: given the friction between Apple and Elon Musk, Twitter Blue’s subscription for iOS users will be $10.99. An unfair difference for users who can’t do anything against this decision.

Regarding the functions available through the paid subscription Twitter Blue, in the near future we will find the possibility to: correct a tweet after its publication, post longer videos and in 1080p, achieve a better position in replies, mentions and search tools, get less advertising and ultimately get a certification mark. However, a slight nuance must be made on the topic of badges. Twitter confirmed that businesses will get a gold badge, government organizations a gray badge, individuals will keep the mythical blue badge (same as ‘stars’, which could cause problems in the future).

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