Elon Musk will soon delete 1.5 billion Twitter accounts

Elon Musk is doing a major cleaning on Twitter. The billionaire announced this morning the deletion of 1.5 billion accounts deemed inactive. In this way, the new head of the social network hopes to make pseudonyms that were previously unusable by users available again.

Credit: fellowneko

Every Internet user has already encountered this difficult problem once in their life: when they register on a new platform and validate their nickname, we are informed that it is already taken by another user. This can be particularly annoying, especially if the user in question has not been active on their account for a while. Elon Musk has apparently come to the same conclusion and wants to correct it on Twitter.

Once is not customary, it is of course on his favorite social network that the billionaire announced the news: Twitter will soon begin releasing the names of 1.5 billion accounts ». In other words, we expect a gigantic cleaning among the accounts that the platform considers inactive. What Elon Musk confirms in another tweet: “These are blatant account deletions with no tweets or logins for years”.

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Your Twitter account risks deletion if you don’t use it enough

Among the many disastrous decisions since he took charge of Twitter – even to the point of writing an entire book – it must be admitted that the businessman’s latest whim makes sense. It seems futile to let accounts “squat” nicknames coveted by other users if they don’t use them. It is also difficult not to emphasize the irony of the decision, which comes shortly after the rehabilitation of particularly hated personalities.

But there is the question of what defines an inactive account. If a user regularly logs into Twitter but doesn’t post any content, are they at risk of being deleted? Elon Musk does not specify. It goes without saying that if the purpose of the latter is to force Internet users to express themselves on the platform, the initially beneficial maneuver can quickly turn into a disastrous idea.

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