Elon Musk wants to renegotiate the price of Twitter

This is information that has made a lot of noise over the past few weeks and which will continue to make a lot of noise. The takeover agreement of Twitter by Elon Musk is now called into question by the billionaire who wishes… to revise the price downwards.

Remember that Twitter and Elon Musk had agreed to a takeover of up to 44 billion dollars, or 54.20 dollars per share… But a few days later, the boss of Tesla and Space X estimates that it is advisable to revise the amount of the transaction, and of course, downwards.

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Elon Musk claims that Twitter greatly underestimates the number of fake accounts on its platform. The value of the social network being indexed on its number of active users, Elon Musk thus estimates that Twitter would ultimately not be worth the 44 billion dollars negotiated.

Twitter for its part estimates that only 5% of user accounts are fake while Elon Musk claims that the threshold would exceed 20%. Twitter does not currently intend to agree to revise the redemption amount downwards, and hopes to enforce the commitments made by the billionaire.


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