Elon Musk trusts 50 Tesla employees for the future of Twitter

Elon Musk is wasting no time. Only a few days after its acquisition of Twitter, a new research team, made up of engineers from Tesla and other companies belonging to it, would come to take shape. Their common goal will be to find the right ideas to make the social network prosper.

The great replacement has already started

According to information from CNBC, Elon Musk would have asked about 50 Tesla employees to reflect on the future of Twitter. They would be accompanied by two others from The Boring Company (a tunnel construction company founded by Musk) and one from Neuralink, also owned by the billionaire.

At the head of this research group, we would find Ashok Elluswamydirector of software development, and Milan Kovac, director of Autopilot and the famous Tesla robot. Additional names are also mentioned as close to the file.

twitter 3d header

Musk obviously trusts these fifty software engineers who have been working for him for quite some time and who seem to be in line with his vision of the future. By doing so, the new boss of Twitter is slowly but surely starting to clean up the workforce.

As a reminder, it is possible that 75% of current Twitter employees will be laid off in the coming months. Anyway, the news around the social network is likely to be very present in 2023. Can’t wait to discover (or not) the changes in preparation. Let’s not forget that the certification will become payable, a first big announcement that makes people cringe.

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