Elon Musk raises the possibility of buying Twitter

The American billionaire envisaged that an agreement could be reached if Twitter confirms that 100 accounts of the social network “are very real”.

At the beginning of July, Elon Musk had buried his plan to buy Twitter. A month later, the president of Tesla and Space X dug it up. To a user who was taking stock of the situation, the American billionaire replied that “if Twitter just provides his sampling method of 100 counts and confirms that they are real, the agreement (Twitter takeover) should be done again according to the original conditions (44 billion dollars. However, if it turns out that their filings with the SEC (US financial market watchdog) are materially false, this will not be the case“. In response to another netizen who wonders if the SEC is investigating these “dubious claims“, Elon Musk tweeted: “Good question. Why don’t they?“.

The stance comes two days after Elon Musk accused Twitter of “fraudon the number of monetizable social network accounts. The claims of the boss of Tesla and SpaceX “are factually inaccurate, legally insufficient and commercially irrelevant. We can’t wait for the trial to take place“, retorted last Thursday Bret Taylor, the chairman of the board of directors of the platform.

In mid-July, Twitter sued Elon Musk in the Delaware Court of Chancery, a court specializing in business law, to force him to honor his acquisition commitment for $ 44 billion. The trial is due to start on October 17.

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