Elon Musk proposes a similar solution in Hong Kong – La Nouvelle Tribune

The China and Taiwan do not spin the perfect love, especially since the controversial visit of Nancy Pelosi on the island in early August 2022. The Speaker of the US House of Representatives sparked the ire of Beijing and a sum of Chinese military operations around Taiwan. Indeed, while the Island considers itself a country in its own right, the Middle Kingdom rather finds that it is nothing more than one of its possessions, which it will sooner or later bring in his lap. The South African billionaire naturalized American Elon Musk brought his two cents to what appears to be a conflict. For the owner of Tesla, it might be better than Taiwan obtain the status of “special administrative zone” as hong kong.

“He could have a more lenient arrangement…”

“My recommendation (…) would be to find a special administrative area for Taiwan that is reasonably acceptable, … And it is possible, and I probably think, in fact, that he could have a more lenient arrangement than Hong Kong.” Musk said in an interview with the Financial Times. His proposal could end the dispute supposes the American billionaire who has interests in China. Indeed, a Tesla factory in Shanghai and Elon Musk fears that it will suffer from a conflict between Taiwan and the Middle Kingdom. Needless to recall that Hong Kong, despite its status as a special administrative zone, has not freed itself from Beijing’s authority.

The Chinese authorities have passed a law that punishes Hong Kongers for dissent against Beijing. This special administrative zone, however, manages its internal policy. Taiwan will he agree to take this status of special administrative zone? That’s the whole question. The country has considered itself independent for decades, and China for its part does not rule out resorting to force to put it down, if peaceful solutions run out. During the interview, Elon Musk declined to comment on the growing tensions between the United States and China.

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