Elon Musk promises a slew of revelations for Tesla AI Day #2

The great mass of artificial intelligence with Tesla sauce will be held on August 19th. The opportunity for Elon Musk to tell us more about the manufacturer’s major projects.

Tesla Bot – Credit: Tesla

Among the flagship presentation conferences of the famous manufacturer, the Tesla AI Day now figures prominently. As its name suggests, this Apple Keynote-style event gives pride of place to artificial intelligence. Last year, Tesla AI Day focused on autonomous driving but also on the Dojo supercomputer. Without forgetting the famous humanoid robot Tesla Bot which is now called Tesla Optimus.

For this second edition, which will be held on August 19, Elon Musk has promised “many interesting updates”. And to clarify that the underlying objective of Tesla AI Day is to seduce the little geniuses of AI, software and chips so that they integrate the company. Digging around a bit in the replies under his tweet, we notice that investor Dave Lee asks Elon Musk if a “taste” of the Tesla Bot would be unveiled. And the billionaire to answer him in the affirmative!

Tesla: something new about 100% autonomous driving

Even if the businessman did not reveal the other subjects discussed, it is easy to make credible assumptions. As it happens, we’re expecting Tesla to unveil new advancements in fully autonomous driving. Lately, Musk said he hoped to have 1,000 drivers using the beta by the end of the year.

In addition, remember that Tesla has developed a new version of its autonomous chip for the on-board computer. It is possible that the latter will be presented during AI Day. Finally, we are also counting on revelations relating to the Dojo supercomputer. At last year’s event, Tesla unveiled the Dojo chip. But it was still necessary to set up a complete cluster so that the supercomputer is on the attack.

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We will therefore have the heart of it on August 19th. Unexpected revelations could also be in the game.

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