Elon Musk promises 100% self-driving Teslas in 2023

This time it’s good. Finally, it is Elon Musk who says it. But it wouldn’t be the first time he’s been wrong.

Teslas capable of driving 100% autonomously, without any action from the driver. This is the dream and the promise of Elon Musk, the very whimsical boss of the car manufacturer. A dream that does not date from yesterday, as our colleagues from Numerama rightly reminded us. In the early 2010s when he launched the very first real Tesla Model (the Model S), the former boss of Paypal already announced the arrival of this technology on his cars in 2014. Since then, these promises have been reiterated many times but we are still waiting for the arrival of the first 100% autonomous Autopilot.

Tesla is working seriously on the subject, well helped by an army of passionate “beta testers” in its own clientele. But for now, the Autopilot still makes far too many dangerous mistakes to consider its certification as a true autonomous driving system. Too bad because at the same time, Mercedes has managed to get its own autonomous driving system approved, albeit very restrictive: it only works on congested motorways up to a speed of 60 km / h. That of Tesla could work in a much less closed framework.

2023 is the good one

According to Elon Musk’s latest statement on the subject, the 100% autonomous driving software Autopilot will finally be available in 2023. And 2023 is really close. So, will he finally respect this ambitious promise?

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