Elon Musk predicts his own death in mysterious tweet

On Twitter, Elon Musk wrote that he could die “under mysterious circumstances”. The billionaire did not give more details, but it is a safe bet that this announcement is linked to his recent takeover of the social network which has raised widespread dissatisfaction among users. The whole thing is probably just a provocative joke of which he has secret.

Decidedly, we no longer stop Elon Musk. For the past few days, the billionaire has been growing wings and pushing the limits of reasonableness a little more each day on Twitter, his favorite platform. A few days ago, he even attacked American politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who, however, did not let it go. Nevertheless, this does not prevent him from continuing his escapades and posting sentences, each more eccentric than the other.

This is how Elon Musk began to foresee his own death. If I die in mysterious circumstances, I was delighted to know you”. This is the last tweet posted by the businessman. Predictably, the comments were flooded with fans who took the statement at face value, and implored the billionaire to take care of himself. Despite everything, it seems more reasonable to consider that this is only a joke – in good or bad taste, we will let you judge.

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Elon Musk jokes about his own death on Twitter

Indeed, when he was already particularly controversial, Elon Musk did not really do his popularity rating any good by buying Twitter. The transaction has been widely debated on the platform for several days, in particular because of the rather vague plans to be worrying that the billionaire has against him. On May 5, 26 NGOs notably called for a boycott of the social network as a sign of protest.

It is therefore very likely that this falsely prescient tweet refers to the wave of anger that has been raising Twitter for two weeks. In other words, his fans can rest easy. If Elon Musk does indeed have an army of detractors who do not fail to denounce his shortcomings, there is little chance that this challenge will lead to a secret assassination.

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