Elon Musk offers a little dance of joy to celebrate the launch of his Gigafactory in Germany

The construction of this huge factory was delayed last year but it is now official, it is operational and it did not fail to delight the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk.

The first vehicle of the all-new Berlin gigafactory just out of production! A Tesla Model Y unveiled in front of the workers but also 30 customers and their families invited by Elon Musk in person.

And to celebrate this important moment for the 100% electric manufacturer, the eccentric billionaire couldn’t resist doing a little dance. So yes, the movements are quite random and we feel that the rhythm is not really in his skin, but it’s still very fun.

These small dance steps reflect well the joy of Elon Musk after long years of construction and problems encountered during this process.

A greatly delayed construction

Almost a year ago, the construction of this factory had been suspended following an investigation regarding possible illegal plumbing. The experts then sought to find out whether the wastewater was not returned to local drinking water supplies.

But the factory finally saw the light of day by opening its doors on Tuesday, March 22. And now, Tesla will be able to expand its market in Europe thanks to an estimated production of around 500,000 models produced every year, making this factory Germany’s largest for electric vehicles. We understand better why Elon Musk allowed himself a little dance of joy.

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