Elon Musk now sells perfume that smells like burnt hair

On the site The Boring Company, the company of Elon Musk which digs tunnels through the United States, it is possible since yesterday to buy perfume. And not just any, since this one reproduces the smell of burnt hair. On the other hand, it is still a little difficult to grasp the why and the how.

I promise, it’s not a joke (we would almost have preferred that to be the case). Elon Musk is certainly a renowned entrepreneur who has more than one company to his bow. The most famous are of course Tesla or SpaceX, but the billionaire is not content with projects that he wants to be innovative. Besides these, this one also sells theoretically classic products, such as tequila and beer.

Thus, when the businessman announced that he was going to sell perfume, our first instinct was to be slightly surprised, without being taken aback. “With a name like mine, it was inevitable that I would enter the world of perfumes. Why did I resist so long? »the latter even joked on Twitter, in reference to musk, a material regularly used in the manufacture of perfumes.

If you’ve always dreamed of feeling your hair burnt…

No, the real twist of this project is undoubtedly the scent chosen by Elon Musk for his new product. The name of the perfume is an equivocal clue to say the least: “Burnt hair”. Again, this is no joke. We believed it, however, we went to the product’s sales page – also at the price of 142 € including shipping costs – but it is clear that the perfume is indeed real.

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Elon Musk even announced later on Twitter that 10,000 units have already been sold, generating a turnover of one million dollars. This money should be used to bail out the coffers of The Boring Company, the billionaire’s company which seeks to revolutionize urban traffic by digging tunnels across the United States. If you are interested in the perfume, know that the first deliveries should take place during the first quarter of 2023.

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