“Elon Musk is the crossroads of Von Braun and Walt Disney” for historian Luc Mary

The New Factory. – You are a historian and have written on Marie Stuart as well as on the Romanovs. Why did you become interested in Elon Musk by publishing a biography with Éditions de l’Archipel?

Luke Mary. – I think he is a future historical figure who will mark the 21st century. Besides, I’m a fan of space conquest, and he’s the man who revived the space dream. Elon Musk is a person of great eclecticism who evokes by some side Howard Hughes (director and producer but also aviator editor’s note). There is in Musk like the crossing of Von Braun (a key engineer of the American space conquest) and Walt Disney, that is to say the “marriage” of the science of creativity. However, he is not an inventor like Thomas Edison. What he invented was a new way to build a rocket.

How would you define this new way of doing things?

It is first of all the choice to manufacture everything in the same place, under the same roof. The construction is integrated to reduce costs. Then there is a spirit of camaraderie: workers, mechanics, engineers rub shoulders in the same space with transparent walls. There obviously remains a hierarchy but this constitutes a new conception of work in the space sector.


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