Elon Musk continues to sell dreams

With Elon Musk, we gradually got used to thunderous declarations. The entrepreneur took the plunge again this weekend during a trip to Brazil where he said that autonomous driving will be a reality at Tesla next year.

As reported by our colleagues fromelectrek, this is not the first time that the billionaire has risked this type of prediction. This time, he made a personal commitment to the journalists present on site that autonomous driving, without the need for anyone behind the wheel, will be well implemented by May 2023.

Tesla recognizes that the presence of a driver is essential

By taking a look in the rearview mirror, however, we can realize that Elon Musk has already made many promises that have not kept. Thus, in 2020, he promised that a million robotaxis, without driving staff, would be on the roads by the end of the year without anyone ever seeing the color.

For now, however, optimism is far from reigning around autonomous driving systems. Last week we relayed this study conducted by the American Automobile Association. While it has shown that these technologies hold up in normal situations, they fail to meet the challenges posed by borderline cases.

These are situations where an individual crosses the road at the very last moment or when a vehicle tumbles in the wrong direction without anything to suggest it. In such cases, the autopilot fails and it almost always ends in a collision. This is particularly problematic because a frontal crash is the deadliest, and these systems should be optimized for situations where they can be most useful. »

Apart from statements full of promise from Elon Musk, Tesla also officially recognizes that its systems ” require constant monitoring and attention from the driver “.

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