Elon Musk confirms the cheap Tesla is on the way

The arrival of a much more affordable Tesla Model 2 or Q is no longer a rumor. Elon Musk has confirmed the arrival of a platform half the price from the American manufacturer.

The rumor of a new Tesla model, more affordable and intended for the European market, is revived. But this time it’s not about an originally hazy indiscretion. It was Elon Musk who confirmed the start of the project during the presentation of the financial results of his group. Indeed, the whimsical boss does not only have Twitter in mind, he also thinks about the future of his car brand. Thus, he confirmed that a team of engineers had set to work to design a new electric platform. A technical basis which would be intended for a model half the price of a Model 3 or a Model Y. Indeed, these two are developed on the same platform and share approximately 70% of parts in common. Nevertheless, in order to reduce production costs, this structure intended for larger models could not be repeated. It is therefore a work from a blank page that has been undertaken. The only certainty to date: the vehicle will be the smallest in the range.

Elon Musk didn’t just put a coin in Tesla’s buzzer machine. This time, even if he does not give a launch or formalization date, the boss of the Californian manufacturer confirms that the project is not only concrete, but that it has also started. However, it has been several years since the rumor of a cheap Tesla regularly resurfaced.

Model 2, Model Q or Model something else?

Of course, we know almost nothing about this Model 2 or Model Q. Above all, if Elon Musk is telling the truth, the project is much less advanced than what the latest rumors suggested. These evoked the existence of a prototype, a compact hatchback, in the purest European style and whose price target was to be sold at around 25,000 euros. Finally, other indiscretions went so far as to mention an assembly in the Gigafactory in Berlin. Now that the project is official, information should arrive more frequently.

It should be kept in mind that Tesla’s stated objective, when the brand was launched, was to “make the electric car accessible”. With no model in the catalog below 50,000 euros, it is indeed difficult to speak of an affordable car, and this, while the Model 3 is by far the best-selling electric car in the world. The arrival of a potential Model 2, much cheaper, could change the situation.

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