Elon Musk announces that the takeover of Twitter cannot be done without guarantee on fake accounts

Tesla’s CEO wants assurances that less than 5% of Twitter accounts are fake. The social network claims to want to go through with the transaction, at the agreed price.

Tesla boss Elon Musk said on Tuesday that the takeover of Twitter would not be completed until he was guaranteed that less than 5% of the accounts on the platform were fake.

Twitter executive director yesterday refused to prove less than 5% of accounts were fake“, tweeted Elon Musk, who has nearly 94 million subscribers on the social network. “Until he does, the transaction will not be able to proceed.“, he added.

Elon Musk refers to the explanations provided on Monday by Parag Agrawal, the boss of Twitter, on the measures taken to fight against spam and fake accounts. He explained that the rate of fake accounts, which has been 5% since 2013, is calculated using a method combining public and private information (IP address, geolocation, telephone number, etc.) which cannot be reproduced from independently. The whimsical entrepreneur had responded with an emoji in the shape of poop.

“The more I ask questions, the more my concerns grow”

Speaking by video at a conference on Monday, Elon Musk estimated that fake accounts represented at least 20% of Twitter users, according to the Bloomberg agency and tweets from people present at this event. “20% fake accounts and spam is 4x more than Twitter claims, but the real number could be *much* higher“, tweeted the entrepreneur on Tuesday.

During this conference, Elon Musk declared that “you can’t pay the same price for something that is in much worse condition than what was presented (…) The more questions I ask, the more my concerns grow.Twitter responded in a statement on Tuesday. “We want to complete this transaction as quickly as possible, at the price agreed” between the two parties, ie 44 billion dollars.

The billionaire had already announced last Friday to put the acquisition of the company on hold before rectifying the situation a few hours later by specifying that he was “always committedto carry out the operation.

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