Elon Musk announces that it will soon be possible to hide the view counter on Twitter

The view counter on Twitter can soon be hidden. It is Elon Musk who announces it.

Just a few days ago, Twitter was rolling out a new feature. Feature that allows users to see a real-time measurement of engagement on their tweets, the view counter. At least that was the primary intention behind the implementation of this news. However, as with a large number of items on the platform, this news is getting very mixed reactions.

The view counter on Twitter can soon be hidden

Recently, Elon Musk tweeted that Twitter would “overhaul the aesthetic and add an option to turn off this meter from showing, but I think everyone will like it in the end.”

The feature was introduced on December 22, with the American billionaire saying that by doing so, Twitter would be more “vibrant” than it has been until now. And to add, if the likes and other retweets are quite public, the views are passive.

It is Elon Musk who announces it

Some like this feature, like Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, who responded: “Cool. Much more useful information.” But others have a completely different opinion, some users find it useless and unhealthy. One user even called the news “too messy,” prompting Elon Musk’s response that a setting appears to disable its display. At the time of writing these lines, the latter still does not exist.

As for which tweets have this view count, the answer is simple: almost all tweets are affected, according to the Twitter Help Center, with three exceptions: tweets from communities, tweets in a Twitter circle, and old tweets. . Twitter communities are groups of like-minded users, like Facebook groups, while Twitter circles are defined by the users themselves, like a mailing list.

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