Elon Musk announces an eight-dollar subscription to have a certified account

Elon Musk wants to charge certified Twitter accounts, those celebrity accounts that have a small blue logo to the right of their name. We now know exactly how much it will cost: eight dollars a month. This subscription also promises users to be less exposed to advertisements on the social network, to post longer videos and audio messages and tweets that will appear in priority.

A small blue logo now accessible to all

But above all, great novelty, it seems that certified accounts are now accessible to everyone with this subscription, and not only to celebrities, journalists, or institutions who had to submit a file to obtain this blue tick in order to avoid usurpations of identity.

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“Power to the people!”

It was in a tweet that Elon Musk explained all this on Tuesday: “The current system of lords and peasants, with those who have the blue tick and those who do not, is bullshit. Power to the people! Blue for 8 dollars a month”. Eight dollars is three dollars more expensive than “Twitter blue”, the current premium subscription of the social network, but it is much less than the 20 dollars announced in recent days by several American media for this subscription.

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