Elon Musk accused of sexual assault, SpaceX would have agreed to pay a substantial sum

The richest man on the planet, Elon Musk, was reportedly accused of ‘sexual misconduct’ in 2018, a term more like sexual assault in French, by a flight attendant employed by his company, SpaceX . He would have exposed his erect penis in front of this employee and would have asked her for sexual favors by touching her leg and offering to buy her a horse, according to an Insider investigation published on Friday, May 20. The young woman was reportedly fired after reporting the “incident” internally. She would have received 250,000 dollars.

The facts would have taken place two years earlier, in 2016. According to Insider, which is based on written and oral statements from a friend of the employee who had made a written testimony at the time of the facts, as well as emails and other documents, the stewardess was encouraged, once hired as a cabin crew member for SpaceX’s fleet of business jets, to obtain a masseuse license in order to massage Elon Musk . During a late 2016 flight to London, Elon Musk reportedly asked her for a “full body massage”. On the spot, the stewardess would have noticed that the billionaire “was completely naked, with the exception of a sheet covering the lower half of his body”.

The air hostess bound by obligations of confidentiality

During the massage, we can read on the statement obtained by Insider, Elon Musk would have “exposed his genitals”, then would have touched the young woman. He offered to buy her a horse if she wanted to “do more”, in reference to “performing sexual acts”. The young woman, who rides a horse, would have refused and continued her massage without having any sexual behavior. Shortly after, the employee allegedly contacted a lawyer and filed an internal complaint with the company’s human resources department. It was at this time that the friend of the young woman would have been invited to prepare a statement on the confidences of the air hostess who had described this episode to her.

After mediation reportedly involving Elon Musk, the parties reportedly reached a dismissal agreement granting the hostess a payment of $250,000 in exchange for a promise not to sue, and to abide by confidentiality obligations. According to this contract, the stewardess would not have the right to disclose any information about Elon Musk and his companies, including SpaceX and Tesla.

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Contacted by the media, Elon Musk asked for more time to answer questions from journalists, arguing that it was a “politically motivated hit play”. The young woman did not wish to comment.

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