elected officials ask Google to protect the data of women wanting an abortion

“We are concerned that Google’s software (…) will become tools for right-wing extremists,” several elected Democrats said on Tuesday.

Dozens of Democratic lawmakers called on Google on Tuesday to stop collecting and storing user geolocation data that could be used to identify women seeking abortions.

“In a world where abortion could be made illegal, we are concerned that Google’s software … will become tools for right-wing extremists who want to suppress people seeking health care. related to reproduction,” 42 elected officials wrote in an open letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

“Because Google keeps information on the geographic location of hundreds of millions of smartphone users, which it regularly shares with government agencies”, continue the political figures, led by Oregon Senator Ron Wyden and Anna Eshoo , a representative from California.

Abortion rights threatened by a future Supreme Court decision

According to a leak obtained by Politico in early May of a draft judgment, the United States Supreme Court is preparing to rule that nothing in the US Constitution protects the right to abortion.

If this draft judgment were adopted, each American state would be free to prohibit or authorize abortions, whereas the historic “Roe v. Wade” decision of 1973 had obliged them to make voluntary terminations of pregnancy legal. ).

“Google had the credit of being one of the first companies in the United States to insist on obtaining a warrant before revealing geolocation data to law enforcement, but that’s not enough” , argue the elected Democrats.

They argue that anti-abortion prosecutors will be able to obtain the necessary warrants, if abortion becomes illegal. “The only way to protect your customers’ location data from such shocking government surveillance is to not keep it at all.”

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