Drought Reveals Skeletons of Mafia Victims

The current drought in the United States is bringing unintended consequences in addition to climate catastrophe. The level of Lake Mead near Las Vegas dropping drastically, skeletons of mob victims reappear on the banks abandoned by the water.

In recent weeks, the drought in the United States has continued to lower the water level of Lake Mead in Nevada, causing several skeletons to emerge. Buried in the mud at the bottom of the artificial lake for decades, these remains show the characteristics of crimes perpetrated by the underworld.

The first discovery was made by a walker who saw a barrel on the edge of the lake. Beneath the water-eaten metal, he found inside a crouched human skeleton with a skull pierced by a pistol bullet. The individual, without identity papers, could not be identified, but the remains of his clothes and shoes come from a sign, active only in the 1970s and 1980s.

The modus operandi from execution to immersion in a barrel is characteristic of the mafia. Lake Mead is located only about fifty kilometers from Las Vegas, a city largely built and developed after the Second World War under mafia influence.

Another macabre discovery was made by two sisters practicing paddle. Believing at first to see the remains of a sheep skeleton, they distinguished a filling in the bare jaw. Submerged at the bottom of the lake for years, the skeleton has resurfaced since the water level dropped by almost 30 meters, following the droughts and lack of rainfall that the region experiences.

Local authorities foresee the appearance of new “surprises”

With the weather situation not getting any better, local authorities are anticipating more “surprises,” as Las Vegas Police Lieutenant Ray Spencer put it: “I would say there’s a good chance , as the water level drops, we discover new human remains”.

Lake Mead is the largest man-made water reservoir in the country. Fed by the Colorado River, it serves seven states as well as part of Mexico. Created in the 1930s, it has now reached its lowest level in almost 100 years of existence.

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