“Don’t buy pugs anymore”! This is what a British study recommends

Very popular in recent years, pugs and their atypical physique have made more than one crack. However, this breed of dog is particularly prone to health problems.

Originally from China, the pug arrived in Europe in the 16th century with the opening of the Silk Roads to the Old Continent.

British Professor Dan O’Neill, Lecturer in Animal Epidemiology at Royal Veterinary Collegeconducted a study of over 16,000 pugs in the UK.

The study shows that this breed is 50 times more prone to serious health problems and has a shorter lifespan. Pugs are at increased risk for 23 of the 40 most common canine health problems.

“We have drawn up a list of the most important bodily functions of dogs,” explains the scientist to the British newspaper “The Telegraph”. For example, dogs must be able to blink.

“That sounds basic, but a lot of Pugs can’t do it. A dog also needs to be able to sit and sleep without snoring or panting continuously, and have skin that isn’t folded. Pugs just don’t have not the basic functions expected of a dog”continues the professor.

A low life expectancy

With a maximum lifespan of 8 years, pugs are among the dog breeds with the shortest lifespan. According to a French study, there are also French bulldogs, as well as Jack Russells who can be up to 13 years old on average.

Professor O’Neill sends a message to the population. “Only buy breeds that have normal health traits, not pugs”he points out.

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