Donskoy: origin, size and character

Like the sphynx, the donskoy is a breed of cat that is distinguished by its atypical physique and lack of hair.

Considered a rare cat breed in France, the donskoy has many qualities. This “naked cat” is gentle and affectionate towards those around him.

His origins

Donskoy appeared in Russia.

It was during the 1980s that the donskoy was born in Russia, in the Rostov region. The first specimens would come from a litter where the mother, named Varya, had the particularity of having an uneven coat with hairless areas that became more pronounced with age.

After various crossings supervised by Irina Nemikina, a Russian breeder, a new breed was created: the Donskoy. Although the donskoy is sometimes nicknamed “Russian sphynx” its genetic particularity has nothing to do with that of the sphynx, which is recessive.

His character

The donskoy is a very demonstrative cat.

The donskoy is a sweet, affectionate and sociable cat. Very demonstrative, he quickly becomes attached to his master, as well as to those close to him. If he is not accustomed to periods of loneliness, it can reflect a certain dependence.

Of a curious nature, he likes to explore his environment; whether indoor or outdoor spaces. The donskoy is an energetic cat who does not hesitate to solicit those around him for a play session.

His physical characteristics

The absence of coat is its main physical characteristic.

Of medium height, 20 to 30 cm at the withers, the donskoy generally weighs between 3 and 7 kg. L’absence of coat is its main physical characteristic. It highlights elastic and wrinkled skin in the limbs and joints.

It has several points in common with the sphynx, such as the shape of its head, its rounded and alert ears. His features are well drawn and his almond-shaped eyes reflect his liveliness. As for his tail, it turns out to be long and thin, accentuating the touch of elegance that defines the donskoy.

His price

On average, the price of a donskoy is between €1,200 and €1,500. Everything depends on its registration in the official book of feline origins (LOOF). The pedigree, breeding or age of the animal are criteria likely to influence the purchase value.

In order to meet their needs and take care of their health, monthly expenses can go up to around forty euros. This includes her diet, as well as occasional cleaning sessions.

His health

The donskoy’s life expectancy can be up to fifteen years. This breed of cat is not subject to specific pathologies, except for lung problems.

However, it is important to ensure good oral hygiene, as well as regular cleaning of your ears. Due to its appetite, the donskoy can easily gain weight, especially if it is a sedentary cat living in an urban environment. In the absence of coat, it supports perfectly the episodes of strong heats. On the other hand, he does not appreciate the cold.

Adopting an animal commits you, it is a decision that you will have to think carefully about. Do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian or the shelter closest to you before starting. They will be able to advise you on the breed of cat that will suit you best.


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