Dogs: MP for Haute-Garonne Corinne Vignon wants to ban training collars

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New chair of the inquiry group on the condition of animals in the National Assembly, MP Corinne Vignon (Renaissance) will introduce a bill to ban electric collars and chokes.

Over the counter purchases, especially on the Internet, of electric shock collars or shock collars, which are supposed to help dog owners, cause serious harm to animals. “Cervical, dermatological and neurological problems”, emphasizes the Renaissance deputy of the 3rd district of Haute-Garonne, Corinne Vignon. However, in addition to these injuries, these collars, contrary to their purpose, also create “biting, extremely anxious dogs that become aggressive. »

The Member of Parliament is made aware of this problem by a report from the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, and will introduce a bill to ban the sale and possession of these necklaces. This text should be considered in early January in the committee. For this, Corinne Vignon has planned a series of consultations: vets, educators, owners of pet stores, animal protection associations such as SPA…

To raise a dog, she recalls, “is not to martyr him” and “the problem of a dog is the master’s problem”. MP wants to rehabilitate the role of exercise, a charitable exercise. In addition, she reminds us that there are painless necklaces that work by spreading an odor.

Increased penalties

On Wednesday, Corinne Vignon was appointed chairman of the study group “animal condition and well-being” in the National Assembly, of which she was already a member during the previous legislative assembly. The Member of Parliament’s commitment to the animal issue, a subject that is gradually gaining traction in the public debate, is not new. In 2021, she was the basis for a law against animal cruelty, which contained a large number of measures: tougher penalties for the perpetrators of abuse, but also the ban on mink farms for fur, the ban also before 2028 the use of wild animals in circuses and even dolphinariums, which offers figures with killer whales and dolphins.

Hunting, intensive farming, but also bullfighting… with regard to all these sensitive issues concerning animals and their condition, the Member of Parliament wants to move forward step by step, to which the public is made aware. She says she is in favor of labeling foods that will inform the consumer how the animal was raised.

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