Dogs, cats, goats and… beetles receive the blessing in the Jura

In the Jura, animals are not forgotten on this weekend of religious celebrations. As tradition dictates, the village of Bonfol celebrated Saint-Fromond, protector of nature and animals. Dogs, cats, horses and some more surprising animals were blessed by the village abbot.

Like every Ascension Friday, pet owners have taken part in this tradition which has existed for fifty years in Bonfol.

At the end of the mass celebrated in the church of the village Ajoulot, a procession with several stops dedicated to songs and prayers led the participants to the chapel dedicated to Saint-Fromond. After a release of pigeons, the animals received the blessing.

Protect against disease

The Minie goat or the Coquette pony were there, as well as cats, dogs, cows and horses. Their owners wanted to rely on Saint-Fromond to protect their animals against disease.

“We come to bless our little goat because she has health problems at birth”, testified the owner of Minie Saturday in the 12:45.

A rhinoceros beetle was even spotted in the crowd of animals. His new human friend explains: “He had fallen on our balcony and he had returned.”. And to add that the goal of the approach is that the insect simply stays alive.

More and more people

This rather special blessing is attracting more and more people, several hundred this time. Father Jean-Pierre Babey said he was surprised by this influx: “I am surprised to see the enthusiasm since ten years ago, we were around fifty and today we are more than 500.”

But how to explain this enthusiasm? “There is a questioning, an interest and a way of relating to this nature which is different,” says Father Babey. In his eyes, this ceremony has “something quite magical because we are all together and everything is going well”. For him, everyone “came to live a convivial, spiritual moment too”.

Cedric Admirer/boi

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