DIRECT. World Cup news: Netherlands-USA and Argentina-Australia open the round of 16

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That is the end of this press conference.

10:37 a.m

Didier Deschamps: “If we don’t like the players, already in the human relationship… if I don’t like them, I don’t take them. For me, the most important thing is to know the person, the character, the sensitivity of each one. Antoine, like some others, there’s a trust that’s developed that doesn’t stop me from telling him things that aren’t going in the right direction. I’m a coach, but I’m also a human being. I’m not their boyfriend, their father , their big brother. I’m there, they know it. Antoine and the elders know it, I’m there for them, to protect them, without saying what I have to say. It’s for their good!”

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The five continents represented for the first time in the knockout phase of the World Cup

Didier Deschamps: “It is very good, I have always been for diversity and for every continent to be represented… we are in the World Cup! Sometimes it isn’t, but it shines a light on world football. »


Rabiot, “a balance player”

Didier Deschamps: “Although unfortunately he had a break at one point for various reasons, he is in full possession of his funds, he is in the continuity of what he does with his club. On a human level, character… he is as he is, I know him well, except he removed things that bothered him at one time, a long time ago. His placement, his positioning could bother him at one time. He defines himself as a balance player. But it’s not simplistic, it’s not negative. He’s able to perform defensively and bring danger up front. He’s got that intelligence. He knows, he feels where he should be.”


How to limit Lewandowski’s influence?

Didier Deschamps: “Of course, it is someone who has an efficiency in the zone of truth, which is very good. On this type of player, we need to limit their influence and ensure that the fewer balls they have, the less dangerous they become. He uses his body very well, although in some of the three games he didn’t have many balls, the smallest ball can be dangerous with him. We will not focus on him. He is there to materialize everything that can be dangerous at an offensive level for Poland. »

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Mbappé-Lewandowski, the match within the match?

Didier Deschamps: “Both will be present, then I leave you free to compare them (laughs). They are two strikers who are among the very best in the world, with different qualities and a different register. Both are very important elements. »

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Didier Deschamps analyzes the Polish team

Didier Deschamps: “This Polish team had to defend a lot in the three group games. She defends herself really well and she loves it. But this is not just to limit it to that. The players in the offensive sector make this a competitive team. It has a tough core of players who have good international experience: Szczesny, Glik, Lewandowski, Krychowiak… and players who discover and are ready for it. You have to respect what this Polish team is doing and has done, which deserves to be there, obviously with Szczesny being crucial. My players know that in self-sacrifice there is something to react to! It doesn’t win games, but they also have a lot of offensive arguments to create problems for the opponent. »


Any new surprises in this WC? “I’m like Saint-Thomas, I believe what I see,” laughs Deschamps

Didier Deschamps: “All matches are difficult. Surprises… It can always go one way or the other. Although the opponents did not play the qualifiers, these are games to be won. The teams could afford to get by, as was our case. From now on there will be some surprises… all the teams are very well prepared. The players, regardless of the nations, play in very good championships, very good teams, certain nations with greater popular fervor with players who are overexcited about it. I’m like Saint-Thomas, I believe what I see, I’m not here to predict. All teams must be ready. Nowadays, even a great nation, if it is not ready for the first group match, can end up in unpleasant situations. »


Didier Deschamps talks about Lloris’ record

Didier Deschamps: “You know Hugo, in addition to this pleasure and the very symbolic value that tomorrow’s game would mean for him, the Frnace team is more important with its goal. He will equal Tutu… records are all made to be broken. They are two great players, two huge professionals who have maintained themselves at a very high level. All records have a meaning. This speaks for the number of choices it represents. »

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Didier Deschamps does not want to touch the memory of Switzerland

Didier Deschamps: “Talking about the past … beyond a past too positive, I don’t see the interest. The sensations that the players had, they do not want to relive them. It is not the same opponent. I don’t fall into a routine, nor do I add to it, otherwise I add stress. There is a place in the quarter-finals. The group matches that took place were no easy match for anyone. And there’s the top 16 there because they deserved it so inevitably the difficulty goes up. On our side, the requirements must follow to achieve our goals. »

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“It’s another competition that begins”

Didier Deschamps: “Of course, another competition starts, not the same as the first, where we have three sure games. There is one, and to make sure there is another one behind it, it goes through this battle. These are tough matches for all the teams that have qualified for the round of 16, which is already something to be part of the 16 teams among the 32 that were involved. »


Didier Deschamps’ turn to answer the questions.

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What if the game goes to penalties?

Hugo Lloris: “With the analysts, we have all the elements. But we realize that there is an element of randomness in the sense that the shooters are able to hit anywhere. Even if we can find some indications, put something in place, the exact opposite can happen at the moment. There is an element of instinct, of feeling at that moment and the goalkeeper has to trust himself at that moment. If the penalty is taken well, it gives the goalkeepers fewer chances, but some excel more than others. But hey, before we get to that, there’s plenty of time to make a difference. »


Did Switzerland help to get closer to Poland?

Hugo Lloris: “We talked a lot about it in the months after the Euros. This is an element that can be taken into account. In such an important game you cannot relax, get out of the game, get distracted. We play them to the fullest, on all levels: athletically, mentally, psychologically. These are such intense matches. If we relax, we can let the opponent come back. Conversely, if we are behind in scoring, we know we can come back, we can believe that. Because of that, we repeat it often between us, we must not let anything go, regardless of the scenario. Do not give hope to the opponent. It is also in the mental preparation for the match, you have to play a full match regardless of the scenario.”


Lewandowski and Szczesny, Poland’s X-factors

Hugo Lloris: “It is clear that Lewandowski is one of the best number 9s in the world. It is an important element of this team, but it remains a collective. A team that likes to defend, that likes to suffer. There is the striker, Lewandowski, who can make the difference, and Szczesny, who is having a great tournament. If Poland are there, they owe it to their goalkeeper. There is a psychological side that comes into play in this phase of the competition. From now on, the mind is an important factor. »

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“For talent to be effective, you need some relaxation”

Hugo Lloris: “I believe that the team is aware of the event, to enter a new phase in this competition. If you win, you give yourself the right to stay, if you lose, you go home. We want to put all the chances are on our side to continue the adventure. We want to continue to grow as a team, as a group of players, and that goes through games of great importance. We are entering a phase where every detail is taken into account, and in the end these details can make a difference. We need our talent, but for it to be effective we need a certain relaxation. We need our mind, a certain demand, a certain concentration that will allow us to tilt the details in our favor. That’s how I see things and that’s how we feel about them as a team. The coach had important words throughout the preparation. Now the light is green and it’s up to us to do the right thing on the field. ”


Lloris manages Mandanda on goal against Tunisia

Hugo Lloris: “If you want us to analyze the conceded goal, we can stop the action well before. The goalkeeper, on this action, cannot necessarily do much. When a player arrives shot into the penalty area, anything is possible, the attacker has the advantage of placing it.”


“I will appreciate it more when the competition is over”, assures Hugo Lloris of his record of appearances

Hugo Lloris: “It’s not nothing (he smiles). I am very honored and very proud of these numbers, although it remains secondary at the beginning of a round of 16 of the World Cup. This competition comes first, I want to keep my energy for tomorrow’s match. It is a new battle and we will need all our strength. I will appreciate it more after the contest is over, hoping for the best. »

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Hugo Lloris is present at a press conference


Our results from the group stage

France shines, Richarlison acrobatics, big guys fall, nations from five continents qualify, extended extra time, the “One Love” bracelet…


“They don’t respect us”

Enraged by the refereeing of the game against Ghana on Friday night, Luis Suarez expressed his anger on social networks. “It is very painful to say goodbye to a World Cup like this, but we have the peace of mind that we gave everything for our country. Proud to be URUGUAYANS, even if THEY DON’T RESPECT US”.

He elaborated on Uruguayan television TeleDoce: “I see a penalty for Cavani because he is cut by the defender and he puts his body in front of him. The one about Darwin is also very clear. These are not excuses, but incredible penalties are awarded in this World Cup. And there is the refereeing committee and FIFA, and they must at least try to explain themselves better.”

He also tackled FIFA for being prevented from joining his relatives after the match. “I saw a French player with his children on the substitution bench. So why is it always a problem with Uruguay? But hey, it’s FIFA. »


10 Parisians out of 11 in the eighth

Only Keylor Navas, with Costa Rica, left the competition early among the 11 PSG players who took part in the World Cup.


Messi power 1000

778 with Barça, 53 with PSG, 168 with the selection: the match counter in Lionel Messi’s career is currently 999.

the round of 16 against Argentina, this Saturday, will therefore logically be the 1000th. Anything short of a win would surely spoil the party.


On the program today

16:00: Netherlands – USA (BeIN Sports)

20.00: Argentina – Australia (BeIN Sports, TF1)


If you missed it yesterday…

The former by beating Portugal (2-1), the latter by disarming Serbia in a crazy match (3-2).

Unfortunately for them, Uruguay and Cameroon, though, winners against Ghana (2-0) and Brazil (1-0) will have won for butter and are eliminated.


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