Diamond League: the real start of Renaud Lavillenie in Eugene (USA)

There was indeed Doha on May 14. Kick off the Diamond League, please. But, except for the brilliant master key Duplantis (6.02 m) no one gives full value to this pole vault entry postponed, due to wind, to the next day.

“In Doha, it was an indoor demo,” summarizes Philippe d’Encausse. A bizarre competition, finally held in a rotten room where there was not a cat”. From the Americans to the French, with the possible exception of Valentin Lavillenie, who rose to 5.71 m, the results confirmed this tendency towards the mediocre, the “winded”. What Renaud Lavillenie confirms:

“I was looking for 5.80m, but outside in the wind the day before, we lost a lot of juice. The next day, I had no more and no feeling either. »

Hence the failure in front of 5.71 m and the small performance at 5.61 m. “The proof, four days after training, I was downright better than during the competition. The only positive side there is that I didn’t have any pain”.

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Short ! Like a false start that the Clermont pole vaulter intends to erase, this Saturday, in Eugene (USA). Starting with the same intentions in Oregon. Even with a little more resources. “He is starting to find power,” notes his trainer, who would have liked to split.

Indeed, two other of his protégés, the young Thibaut Collet and Ethan Cormont, played this Friday in Poland.

Doha meeting: Renaud Lavillenie stops at 5m71, his brother Valentin a little better with a fifth place

But with the Lavillenie siblings, including Valentin who “already has two not too bad performances”, the Clermont coach will appreciate the American competition beyond simple competition. His site too. “There is indeed an interest in seeing what the stadium looks like, because it has been redone, it is brand new”.

However, this is where the world championships will be played, from July 15 to 24. The best pole vaulters in the world, Mondo in the lead, will also be present this Saturday evening…

Francis Laporte


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