Death of Antoine Alléno: his brother announces great news

A new start. After the disappearance of Antoine Alléno in a tragic road accident, his brother Thomas announced the reopening of the family restaurant on his Instagram account.

Moving forward despite the mourning. Since the tragic disappearance of Antoine Alléno son of chef Yannick Alléno, who died at the age of 24 after being hit by a driver on the evening of May 8, the family tries to get on with their lives. Although the sadness and the pain are omnipresent, the clan of cooks crossed a big step. Thomas Alléno, Antoine’s brother, announced the reopening of the Burger Père et Fils family restaurant on his Instagram account, this Tuesday, May 24, 2022. Very happy to share this news to all his followersthe young man also had a tender thought for his brother. “Look Antoine, we have reopened for you, to accomplish and follow this project that you loved so much, your house has been reopened since noon”he wrote with great emotion.

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And the shadow of the young prodigy arrested in full ascent hovered over the kitchens of this restaurant located in the 7th arrondissement of Paris. “I know you were there this afternoon by our side”, added with melancholy the second son of Yannick Alléno. Since then, all the little hands got busy behind the stoves, evidenced by the photo published on the famous social network. The black aprons perfectly tied and the imposing white hats erected on the head, the cooks were ready to delight the taste buds. A resumption of service which was quickly welcomed by Internet users. “Antoine will be very proud of you, he watches over you, you are so brave”, “Good luck. He sure is watching over you all”, “His presence was with the whole team”can we read among a shower of comments.

Yannick Alléno: an “inconsolable” and “enraged” father

“If one day I had thought of the worst nightmare, it wouldn’t have been that one…”confided with pain Yannick Alléno in the collegiate Notre-Dame de Poissy during the funeral of his son, as reported by our colleagues from Paris Match Thursday, May 19. After this loss “impossible” and “unacceptable”, Yannick Alléno is now a father “inconsolable” and “rabid” in his own words.

Unable to find the words to describe his pain and his anger, the three-Michelin star chef attacked the driver who hit his son. On the day of Antoine’s funeral, Yannick Alléno also delivered a strong message to the audience: “Let’s hope this didn’t happen for nothing, that Antoine will be at the origin of changes, encouraging more severity towards these offenders who rot life, who destroyed my life and that of our whole family”, he said, like a cry from the heart, within the religious building. And her other son Thomas, who lost his “double”prevent : “The battle has only begun.” Indeed, the Alléno family is still waiting to learn more about the fate that justice reserves for the main 24-year-old suspect at the origin of this aggravated manslaughter.

Photo credits: Instagram screenshot @alleno_antoine

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