Dash 2 Trade, the innovative crypto-intelligence and trading platform raises $2,000,000 in 6 days

London, England, Monday, October 24 – On day six of its fundraising, the Dash 2 Trade business intelligence project has raised an astounding $2 million.

The project has entered the second phase of its pre-sale, during which there are 63.2 million tokens left to sell out of the initial 70 million.

The price of each D2T token is currently $0.050, but it will go to $0.0513 during the third stage of the presale.

At the end of the 9th and final stage of the presale, the token price will be $0.0662, which represents a theoretical return of 40% compared to the starting price.

Excitement is growing for a product that brings intelligence and professional trading tools to ordinary traders

The enthusiasm generated by the project is no doubt due to its attractive prospectus, which presents it as the “Bloomberg terminal for cryptocurrency traders“, and to the fact that he was designed from A to Z by traders for traders.

The tool palette ranges from auto-trading API to market sentiment analysis, natural language processing and artificial intelligence to analyze social media.

Dash 2 Trade also includes the social trading and institutional-grade tools such as the backtesting with its strategy builder, so traders can test their ideas on historical prices before implementing them in real markets.

Unique among the various products already on the market, Dash 2 Trade tracks pre-sale launches and applies to each its own proprietary scoring system to help traders access comprehensive and reliable data.

Real-time data feeds, indicators and trading signals complete the offer by providing actionable information for profitable trading, thus leveling the rules of the game between professional traders and individuals.

Dash 2 Trade brings all these features together in a very accessible dashboard but powerful, under development for several months.

The pressure to buy D2T tokens is building – here’s how to take advantage of the lowest prices

Out of a total issuance of 1 billion D2T tokens, 700 million are available for investors in the presale.

The remaining tokens are split as follows: 5% for liquidity, 5% for talent acquisition, 5% for competition pool, and 15% for project growth and product development.

To buy D2T, potential investors will need to connect their crypto wallet to dash2trade.com and use ETH or USDT to buy the tokens.

Once the presale is over, connect the same wallet in order to claim the tokens.

Those without a funded crypto wallet can buy ETH with a card directly on the Dash 2 Trade website.

For mobile users, it is better to use Trust Wallet and go to the presale page via the integrated Trust Wallet browser.

As a platform access token, D2T has excellent utility.

The fruit of the imagination of traders from a community of 70,000 committed users

Dash 2 Trade is the realization of the ideas developed by the team of Learn 2 Tradeor a community of 70,000 traders already exists and benefits from the signals that members receive.

The value of the cryptocurrency market is in the hundreds of billionsbut retail traders are still relatively underserved.

Dash 2 Trade changes that by revolutionizing a market that includes Cryptohopper and its 500,000 users, by offering much more.

For example, the exclusive pre-sale scoring system will give Dash 2 Trade users an edge when it comes to taking advantage of quality cryptocurrency projects coming to market to raise funds.

The Dash 2 Trade offer is superior to anything on the market.

Dash 2 Trade Subscription Service Overview

Access to Dash 2 Trade is freebut for the full experience, users will need to pay a monthly subscription of 400 D2T per month for the Starter level and 1,000 D2T for the Professional level.

Dash 2 Trade smart contract code is fully verified by SolidProofand the team is verified by Coinsniper.

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