Cyril Lignac as a couple: Who is the woman who shares the life of the chef?

Chef and owner of several restaurants, bars, pastry shops and chocolate shops, Cyril Lignac holds a CAP diploma in cook, pastry chef, chocolatier and ice cream maker. Apart from these professions, Cyril is also a French television host.

Born November 5, 1977 in Rodez (Averyon), the latter now hosts many culinary programs. He is also the author of various cookbooks. What man can open restaurants everywhere and in different regions without being recognized internationally? Thus, thanks to these works, the chef is competitive on the international market; and therefore known to the general public.

But which is the woman who benefits from the best dishes of the famous chef? It is this question that brings us to the sentimental life of Cyril Lignac. We are therefore going to discover today, the woman who makes the heart of our chef beat.

The wife of the heart of the famous chef: who is she?

Cyril Lignac is a man of integrity who does not mix work and private life. This is how we see that the chef is not at all open with regard to his love life. According to our colleagues from Purepeople, Déborah would be this woman who occupies the heart of Cyril. Indeed, Déborah, originally from the South, is a jeweler in Saint-Tropez. But for now, no concrete information is yet available on this romantic relationship between the mysterious mother with three children from a previous union and our famous chef.

Cyril Lignac: single or in a relationship?

Always discreet about his love life, it would be difficult today to know if the chef is still single or in a relationship. It is also complicated to show the identity of this woman who currently shares her life. But recently, according to the news, Cyril would have gone to his beloved Déborah to spend the summer holidays there. Cyril Lignac and Déborah would therefore be a couple. And as explained, the couple’s greatest desire right now is to have children, since the chef is still not a dad.


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