[Courant d’ère] Proxy War – Debates

At first, the situation seemed as dire as it was simple. A vengeful dictator brutally attacked a democratic country, and his feats of arms, punishable by the International Criminal Court, followed one another. In his momentum, this dictator has achieved a miracle: he has (more or less, but more than less) united the European countries, and he has resuscitated a NATO that the French President, not long ago, declared “in a state of brain death”. . NATO, today, Finland and even Sweden want to join it – we understand them.

In his rage, the aggressor succeeded in another miracle: to push for the emergence of a Ukrainian national feeling which, before, seemed diluted in the maze of corruption. Legitimately helped by the Europeans and the Americans, the armed forces of kyiv, on which no one bet a kopeck, demonstrated that they had the morale and the intelligence.

But, two months later, Biden’s speech has changed. It was no longer a question of rescuing the unfortunate Ukrainians, it was now a question of winning the war and changing the governance of Russia forever. In vain, many of his advisers intervened to mitigate his “impulsive” remarks. The President of the United States voted a phenomenal $33 billion in aid, including $20 billion for arms – that is half of France’s military budget.

Washington is instrumentalizing the Ukrainians to generate what strategists call “a proxy war”.

He meant by that very fact that the stakes had changed in his eyes. The possibility of a Ukrainian “victory” opened the door to a collision between the Western bloc and Russian imperialism. Back to the Cold War? Raymond Aron defined it as “an impossible war and an improbable peace”. The Americans want a hot war. By enticing Zelensky to settle in an endless conflict, Washington is instrumentalizing the Ukrainians to generate what strategists call “a proxy war” where the United States only commits financially, in order to “fix” Putin while they will go to the essential: Asia.

It’s a more than dangerous game. The Russian tanks are bogged down, but the Tsar has not said his last word. Europe finds itself on a razor’s edge, violently destabilized. Even if Putin does not seem inclined to seek a diplomatic solution, there is no other, and American hardening condemns it. We have seen elsewhere what resulted from it.

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