Christian Smalls, former Amazon and new labor figure in the United States

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He likes to wear “Eat the rich” t-shirts, and assures that ” today, we no longer quit, we unionize “. Christian Smalls leads the first-ever independent union at Amazon in the United States.

On April 1, 2022, 55% of employees at JFK 8 warehouse in New York State voted “yes” to be represented by the union led by Christian Smalls, Amazon Labor Union. The former employee of the firm has been fighting for two years to improve the working conditions of employees. He thus became the new figure of the trade union struggle in the United States. Anaelle Larue painted his portrait.

In the Amazon, the Yanomami natives face gold miners

The Yanomami natives live in the Amazon rainforest, straddling Venezuela and Brazil. They celebrate this year the 30th anniversary of the demarcation of their territory on the Brazilian side.

At the time, they saw this demarcation of their lands as a great step forward. But today, they draw a more negative assessment: since the arrival of President Jair Bolsonaro in power in Brazil, resisting gold miners is more and more difficult.

A representative of the Yanomami people was in Paris last week to alert the international community. Mary Normand the encounter.

New scandal of sexual violence in football in Haiti

In an article published in the Norwegian sports magazine Josimar (which specializes in football), journalist Romain Molina explains that players, referees and employees of the Haitian Football Federation were allegedly forced to have sexual relations with football officials. soccer visiting Haiti. Sepp Blatter, who was then president of Fifa, would be concerned.


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