Chinese lookalike of Elon Musk has had his Weibo and TikTok accounts suspended

Elong Musk is the name of the TikTok account of Yilong Ma, a young Chinese who has the distinction of being the look-alike of Elon Musk.

For a few months, Yilong Ma’s life had changed greatly. This young Chinese has indeed known popularity in his country and internationally for his striking resemblance to the richest man in the world: Elon Musk. The entrepreneur from Pretoria, who is now at the head of SpaceX, Tesla, The Boring Company and Neuralink, is a real star in the world of new technologies.

A character that is idolized around the world, with fan clubs in his honor, or that we hate for his arrogant side, his changing positions or his unshakeable self-confidence. If Elon Musk leaves no one indifferent, the resemblance between the businessman and Yilong Ma is also striking.

A resemblance that opens the doors to fame

Common physical traits that quickly allowed this young Chinese to make a name for himself on the web. With more than 239,000 subscribers and 3.9 million likes on these videos, his TikTok account has made him a personality. So much so that Elon Musk (the real one) decided to answer him. The latter proposed a meeting between the two look-alikes, which did not fail to make Ma smile, a great admirer of the man behind Tesla or SpaceX.

But now, this burgeoning popularity and this somewhat too communicative love for Elon Musk did not really please China, to the point that his accounts on the Chinese versions of TikTok and Twitter (Weibo) were suspended a few hours ago. While the apps claim it’s a response to a “violation of platform policies,” the Buisness Insider news site, which had access to the entire account, claims nothing wrong. was found on Ma’s profile.

A baseless decision

For his part, Ma reacted to the media. The latter explains that he has not, for the moment, received any appropriate explanation from Weibo and Douyin, the two applications that have put an end to his activity on the net. Famous since November 2020, Yilong Ma has managed to get in touch several times with Elon Musk. But doubts persist about his real appearance, some people indeed think that he uses Deep Fake technology to have such a perfect likeness.

Yilong Ma has never accepted a filmed interview, and during his interview with Business Insider he refused to make a video call with the journalists who wanted to make sure of his resemblance to the entrepreneur. If this slightly crazy theory turns out to be correct, it could explain the suspension of his account from Chinese social networks.

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