Chainlink: Launch of Staking v0.1 on December 6

It’s official ! Chainlink Staking v0.1 will be available on the Ethereum mainnet starting December 6th. A few days before the launch, however, the blockchain wants to provide more details on this program. In particular, it explains how Chainlink Staking v0.1 will affect some important attributes, such as the lock-up period.

Chainlink provides more precision on Staking v0.1

On his thread tweet, Chainlink has made it known that Chainlink staking is planned on a lock-up period of 12 months to 24 months. But after consulting with the community and node operators, the team decided to make changes that benefit everyone. Hence the origin of a faster iteration with more frequent releases. Also according to the explanations provided, each release will have a condensed scope focused on key features.

In that same tweet thread, Chainlink mentions the launch of the Chainlink Staking beta. Unfortunately, it will be exclusively reserved for addresses eligible for early access for the time being.

On its site, Chainlink specifies that the privileged will be able to bet up to 7,000 LINK (53,270 €) in a capped pool. The staking pool will be open to all LINK holders from December 8. The initial total pool cap is 25 million LINK.

A program closely followed by the launch of v0.2

This staking initiative is a program included in the “Chainlink Economics 2.0” project. It allows LINK holders as well as node operators to earn rewards for participating in optimizing the cryptoeconomic security of oracle services.

As for the next version Staking v0.2, it will be released in 9 months to 12 months. At that time, stakers will have the option to unlock or migrate their LINK. The same goes for their staking rewards.

The launch of Staking v0.1 on Ethereum is good news for LINK holders. But not only ! It also proves to be beneficial for Chainlink as it allows it to reach new customers. The blockchain is in its best shape. The proof: the price of LINK has increased by 23% in the last two weeks.

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