Cazeres. 11 puppies abandoned in front of the shelter

Eleven puppies cowardly abandoned in a box. Such was the unpleasant surprise of the volunteers of the Capucine refuge when they arrived on Monday morning. The animals were dropped off at the gate without food or water with only a note indicating that they were born on April 15. Ulcerated by such an act of mistreatment, the volunteers are angry: “It’s cowardly and irresponsible! Eleven puppies, that represents almost half the capacity of our shelter! They are too fragile to live at the shelter. They will have to be fed. , microchip, vaccinate etc. Unweaned puppies for whom we must urgently find a safe place with people available to take care of them… We do not even dare to imagine the state of the mother, who, still not sterilized, must be at her umpteenth litter. Exhausted from having breastfed eleven babies, her little ones are taken away from her”.

“Sterilize them”

“To you abandoners! Do you think that at the shelter, the dogs live their best life, locked up night and day? All the shelters are full. There are far too many abandonments and too few adoptions… Be responsible and do sterilize your pets!”.

Since yesterday, the volunteers have been working hard to get organized. Since the puppies are not weaned, they are not yet available for adoption. They urgently need formula milk and puppy food. Donations can be dropped off at the shelter (avenue de Labrioulette in Cazères). Reminder of the law: Abandoning an animal is an act punishable by two years’ imprisonment and a fine of €30,000.

Capucine refuge: 06 76 27 50 42

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