Warren Buffett spits on trading and Bitcoin

Returning after two years of health restrictions in the face of the pandemic, Warren Buffett participated in the annual general meeting of his Berkshire Hathaway holding company organized in Omaha, Nebraska (United States). Since his last participation, finance has changed a lot. Equity markets boomed before slowing sharply this year, and the economy had to … Read more

Robinhood, the brutal fall of a popular trading platform

STORY – The new broker was one of the stars of the pandemic. Its course has melted by 70%, and it is laying off 10% of its workforce. Robinhood’s fall is as abrupt as its rise was meteoric. The American platform that makes stock trading accessible to individuals published its worrying quarterly results on Thursday. … Read more

Lydia launches “trading with friends”!

Lydia launches “trading between friends”, the functionality that allows you to follow the investment strategies of your loved ones. Made public last Friday, this new functionality of the Lydia trading platform allows users to follow more closely the investment strategies of their loved ones and to be inspired by them… Via a unique link, the … Read more

The Dark Side of Cryptocurrency Trading: Insomnia, Addiction, Depression

A recent study published by four researchers from Tampere University in Finland shows how cryptocurrency trading can be harmful to mental health. Why is cryptocurrency trading so addictive? While many believe cryptocurrencies can make you rich, therapists say more people have become depressed and dependent. In this study, the researchers take several examples of young … Read more